Saturday, June 14, 2014

Fabulous Finds: Thrift Store (Idaho Falls) I know that you all are probably wondering what the deal is and well....the deal is that what I thought was going to be a quiet couple of weeks suddenly got very busy and I just haven't had time to post. Seriously! I ended up having to write a 5-7 paper in a week and on top of that five 50 million page long chapters to read as well. Ugh!!!

But for the moment I am caught up so here I am.

I had to go down to Idaho Falls for the Praxis test a little bit ago (which by the way I passed! Yay!) and we stopped at the local Youth Ranch. Which by the way every town should have! Here are my fabulous finds!

Starting at the top is a picture that I bought for about $6. It's abstract and I really enjoy it. I think that it looks like trees with some mountains in the background with some clouds. My dad didn't like it but I sure do!

The burgundy sign is for my bathroom, I have a Paris theme so it will be really cute!

I found a square table cloth that had blue flowers painted on and I think it looks very retro.

And last, but certainly not least, a picture album which is so awesomely vintage!

Anyway, another busy week coming up but keep posted for an awesome Hunger Games theme cake!

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