Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Great American Vacation (Post #10)

Welcome to another week on Dynamic Crumbs. We are getting close to the finish of this series!

One of the places that I heard was fun to visit was called "The Cosmos Mystery Area".

The mystery house was built on a hill and it is an optical illusion. If you pour water out it goes up and if you put down a ball it rolls up! It was pretty cool so I decided to share some pictures with you!

This is my sister, Emily, in the corner but she could hold her arms out in front of her and still stand up straight!

These are my grandparents. The house made my grandma really dizzy and she almost got sick but it was still fun.

This is my sister, Grace, and I!

This is probably the best picture because you can see how funny everybody looks.
Now on to Mt. Rushmore! We only went there one night because it is pretty neat in the day and in the night so we went early enough to see it in both. They had a nice presentation because it was the 100th anniversary of the Civil War but it isn't as big as it looks. I think that is because you're so far away from it so everyone who take a picture zooms in. But it was still neat to see what man could do with rock.

Mt. Rushmore in the day-time.

At night.

Here is a better one at night.
Fortunately, I got a few pictures of it but just as we were finishing up my camera died and I didn't have an extra battery but everybody else had their camera too so I don't think we ended up missing anything. Anyways, it was a lot of fun!

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