Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hello again!

Hi everybody! I hope that you enjoyed your President's Day! I am so very sorry that I haven't posted in forever! I have been really busy and I got sick AGAIN so I just haven't felt up to posting, nor have I had the time. But, I had a moment today, so I figured that I had better post something before you thought that I had died or something! ;) Just kidding! Perish the thought! (Ha-ha)

On the flip side, I have been stuffing my brain with information, which I hope someday will be useful. (Again, just kidding!) Ummmm....nothing too exciting as far as crafts have gone. I haven't really had time to make anything but I would like to share an exciting website that I found. It is called Sewing Loft! An amazing website! I bought a pattern one of their (free) patterns on Craftsy and I got an email from them that got my interest so I decided to check them out. I am so glad that I did because they have some really awesome stuff. Today the posted a list of things to do with fat quarters is very unique and extensive. I am now really inspired, not to mention that my "list of a million projects" about doubled! That should tell you how amazing they are!

Also, be looking forward to a GIVEAWAY! I am going to be giving away a set of my owl felt clippies soon so keep posted.

Update for school: I am learning some really neat stuff in my Educational Technology class about technical things that I can include in my future classroom. They have some really good suggestions in my textbook and I am learning about some awesome stuff. We even watched a TED talk that I have really been processing for the last couple of weeks. This is the link to an article about it with an included link to the video. Seriously inspiring and I can't get it out of my head!

My math class is actually clicking along quite well. I wasn't sure about it when I started, simply from the fact that I'm not good at math, but I am doing fine.

Band class is AWESOME! I am so very excited to be back in band again! It is so much fun! We could still use some more drummers! FYI! (Hint, hint or wink, wink!) ;)

I am hoping that I can post some more interesting crafty type posts but I am not sure how soon that's going to be because, as you can see, I do have a lot on my plate.

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