Monday, October 15, 2012

Potato Chips, Boring Photography Class, and an Update

Potato chips are amazing. Their crunchy salty-ness just makes my day. Not to mention that they also come in a variety of flavors. (My personal favorites- BLT, Sour cream and Cheddar, and Sour cream and Onion).

So I decided to post an update on life since I haven't posted in quite a while so here it goes....

I am working on a flash banner ad for this website. I am really proud of it and ITS AMAZING!!!  So I'm finished with that and now have to work on a project from my book.

In Website Design and Mang. I finished a mock-up for a pizza website and my client website (website for a actual live person who wants a website) is due in a couple weeks.

In Page Layout, I need to print my calendar for Thursday.  (Ugh!)

And Digital Photography-which I am in now-we are looking at other people's scavenger hunt pictures. They are pretty interesting, the class in general-not so much.

Mmmm...these potato chips are really good.  Wish I could share them with you.

What's your favorite kind of potato chip?  Leave a comment below. Seriously! ;)

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