Monday, April 18, 2016

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Part 4

As she scraped the last of the porridge off of the bowl and licked the spoon she realized that she was very very full and felt like she was about to burst! So Goldilocks decided that she would sit down for a little bit in the living room. So she first chair she came to which just happened to be Papa Bear’s chair. “Ouch!” she cried as she sat down. “This chair is too hard!” so she moved to another chair. This chair was pink and fluffy. “Oofff!” she said as she sat down. “This chair is too soft!” After she struggled to remove herself from the soft char she spied a little chair in the corner and she went and sat down. “Just right,” Goldilocks sighed as she rocked back and forth. After rocking for a while Goldilocks started to yawn. She started to push herself up when…CRACK! The lovely chair she had been rocking on fell apart in pieces.

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